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Dead dogs found on ne houston Louis Vuitton Australia street Seven garbage bags full of dead and decomposing dogs were discovered earlier this week on a northeast houston street near the Louis Vuitton Australia eastex freeway and little york. "It's very upsetting, all of our volunteers Louis Vuitton Handbags Australia are very upset,"Said anna barbosa, a volunteer with the group. "We work out here every day to help these dogs and cats.We're doing it to make their lives better.Somebody out here is torturing these animals. " The area of town is known to many as the Small Leather Goods corridor of cruelty and that's exactly what the rescue group discovered.The black, plastic garbage bags were dumped near a ditch.Some were covered with rain water, others were covered with bugs. "Maybe somebody grabbed all these dogs and decided to mutilate and torture them.We don't know what happened here,"Barbosa said. The group is making it their mission to find out what happened and put a stop to it.Barbosa admits they have found on occasion a dead dog in the field before, but never like this.

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