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Beach weddings for indians abroad Prlog(Press release)Mar.15, 2010 Are you a Britisher or an American, wanting to have a full fledged Indian wedding? Do you want to have the basic traditional rites of a Gujarati or aMarwari or a Punjabi but dont want the same old routine venues which are Formal Dresses Australia extremely expensive in your resident country?Do you long for a destination wedding but dont know where and how?Do you wish to have a 100% vegetrarian meal without onion and garlic in thailand?Well, someone can help you for all these and many more issues. Foreign wedding planners is a onestop service provider for weddings abroad!They organise, plan, style, coordinate execute a dream wedding on foreign locations esp.Beaches of thailand.Their beach weddings are most popular amongst indians settled/working abroad and amongst several foreigners for lovely civil ceremonies. A much cheaper option than Bridesmaid Gowns 2014 mundane indian weddings, fwp arrange everything from a to z, for all prewedding postwedding functions like mehndi/sangeet, stag/hen night, bbq/cocktail parties, engagements, baraat, reception, honeymoon, shopping etc etc.Their usp is that they are the only wedding planners catering to indians for exotic destination weddings in locations of thailand.They cater to weddings for all caste sensibilities like marwari, gujarati, punjabi, southindians, maharashtrians, bengali, assamese, christian, bhuddhist, sikh or a muslim. No, it is not more expensive but a much cheaper option than in your resident country.Beautiful beaches, aquagreen water, white sandy shores, glistening corals and a mesmerizing sunset ensures that a beach wedding truly a dream fuilfilled. You can choose from an array of locations phuket, krabi, phi phi, hua hin, pattaya, koi samui, koi samet etc etc.Leave all your problems with us and just relax and enjoy your dream wedding take shape!

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